Let's Play with Our Food!

Written by Denise Sawyer on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Looking for something to do with your kiddos?  I’ve got something fun that doesn’t require much set up or fancy baking skills. Remember when YOUR mom said not to play with your food?  Forget all that.

What could be more fun that threading blueberries, pound cake cubes, sliced bananas or other small fruits or berries onto skewers?  My kids thought they had died and gone to heaven!  And, Judah declared, “This dessert soooo good!”  Forget homemade cakes, brownies or cookies.  My kids go gaga for simple washed fruit and cubes of store-bought cake!

Having fun with your food isn’t only for dessert. You can let kids skewer foods for lunch like cubes of lunchmeat, cheeses, blueberries and other fresh fruits, too.  With kids, it is all about presentation.  It doesn’t take much, just something different than the usual - like skewers, a fun new plate or even fancy party toothpicks - and new foods are no longer scary.

Not sure if your kids will be willing to try a new food if you switched up the presentation?  Just try it.  Judah wouldn’t eat lunchmeat until recently.  It wasn’t until I rolled his sandwich up like a jellyroll, sliced it into pinwheels and let him thread it on a skewer that he would even try a single bite.  That day, for the very first time, not only did he try that first bite, he gobbled up the whole thing!

So break out some new fruits and veggies and some fun picks or skewers and let ‘em have at it!



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